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ACRs/Review Team

If you want to review The Core of Success on Amazon and/or Goodreads with a free copy of the book, you can apply here:


Just enter your details and one line about which book you want to review.

After applying, you will get the free ebook you applied for as soon as your request is approved.

Apply for advanced readers copy and becoming part of the review team

We're looking forward to having you as a reviewer!

Thanks for submitting!

Becoming part of the review team:
You can always apply for each book individually. We constantly choose people who have reviewed one of our books to join our core review team. If you join the team, you receive future advanced readers copies and review requests automatically. If you don’t want to be part of the core review team anymore, you can just send us a message, and we will take you out.

Katy Corbeil, KKEC Read

“I liked how positive the book was. The motivation and good energy were palpable. I enjoyed how finding your purpose could be achieved, as well as putting your plan together.”
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