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My Team & Me

Here are some notable things about my team and me.

Our team is a very colorful bunch from all over the world. We call countries like Germany, the Philippines, and South Africa our home. Everybody has a unique story.

Our goal is to make essential knowledge easily accessible to everyone. For that, we research all kinds of sources and create different types of content like books, audio books, and videos. So no matter whether you’re a visual or auditory learner or like books, you can choose the medium you want to learn with.


​To learn from different cultures, I‘ve traveled to over 50 countries to learn from different cultures and have lived in countries like China, Australia, Peru, Germany, Chile, and India.

I studied business economics and have worked in small and big jobs all over the world, from waiter jobs and working on fisher boats to a professional career as a consultant and building a small own fashion brand.

I discovered my passion for self-development early on when I was still in school. Because I was neither very happy nor very successful at that time, self-development books showed me the way into a life full of wonders and miracles. Only after my travels and several careers, I decided to share my insights with the world and make it my mission to make these beautiful possibilities available to as many people as possible.

Katy Corbeil, KKEC Read

“I liked how positive the book was. The motivation and good energy were palpable. I enjoyed how finding your purpose could be achieved, as well as putting your plan together.”
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