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The Core of Success

Hi, I’m John Belvedere.

My team and I are writing about becoming successful, achieving your dreams, and living a happy and fulfilled life. We share regular insights on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and our newsletter. Together with our audience, we‘re creating the Map to Success. The most important concepts are explained in detail in our books and journals. If you are passionate about personal growth and creating amazing things, join our newsletter and social media channels!

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How Our Work Will Benefit You

We are big fans of great ideas. The central task that my team and I gave ourselves, is to find ways to help people of all backgrounds to live their dreams and their perfect life.

We are working on creating a map of how to be super successful in reaching our goals. It‘s purpose is for everyone to find out where they stand in their journey to success and quickly and easily find the things they can work on, that will give them the biggest boost in a short time.

Our writing focuses on following topics and everything that has to do with it:

  • How to set up your life in order to make success easy

  • How to change believes, the mindset and the view of oneself and the world around us

  • How to get our health in a mode where it supports our dreams

  • How to get to the next level by evolving in the right direction and taking the right actions

  • How to build habits that keep building our success in all areas with little to no effort

Most important, we write about how to put these ideas into practice in an easy and for everyone accessible way.

Most of the concepts we write about were not discovered by us. They are ideas we collect and build upon from all kinds of sources. We are trying to create a system that covers all the important aspects for beeing extremely successful and communicate it in a way that is easy to consume for everyone and applyable with very little effort, so that our audience, doesn‘t have to go through years of research and trial and error, as the way to success was until now. Becoming successful still requires a bit of work. But everyone who goes through and applys our contents, will save a very large amount of time. That we are sure of.

You can start by reading our newsletters or check out our book.

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